Hope For Life Initiative is a registered Non Governmental Organization (NGO) with the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria. It was birth out of the need to impact the lives of less privileged children and women(widows).

The target of the organization is to equip children who suffer from untold hardship to be successful individuals and citizens and also empower women (widows) to be self reliant.

Hope for Life Initiative organizes seminars and programs in rural
communities for the purpose of mentoring the students.  This has created a programme  where the children are mentored by individuals who become positive role models.  This helps to build the child’s self esteem and school performance, at the same time having a fulfilling learning time. Selected mentors on the other hand, experience a sense of discovery and enjoyment as they see the world of possibility open up through the child’s eye

HFLI also, empowers women (widows) to be self reliant and productive. The widows involved with our programmes develop skills, become confident and competent after acquiring new skills.  These widows with varieties of initiatives can survive and come out of the situation with the greatest hope for the future.

In Nigeria today, according to statistics by Unicef, about six million children are malnourished and the United Nations Educational Cultural and Scientific
Organization (UNESCO)  says more than 10 million children in Nigeria are currently out of school, the figure is higher as it excludes the children of Fishermen in the Niger Delta and those attending the almajiras  in the North.

Widows in Nigeria experience severe economic and social problems. The UN general assembly in 2010 gave a higher number of widows affected to be 21%.